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  • History

    Sriracha sauce is said to be created by Thanom Chakkapak in Si Racha, Thailand in the 1940's. It's thought that it may be an adaptation of a Cantonese garlic and chili sauce originally from China. It was originally not meant to be a hot sauce, but a perfectly balanced chile garlic sauce.

  • Ingredients

    Sriracha is typically made with 5 main ingredients: chiles, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. It's only when these ingredients are perfectly balanced do you get the delicious tang that is referred to as "Klom-Klom." Some sriracha brands focus solely on heat, but at Blue Tape, we focus on the balance.

  • Uses

    In Thailand, it's frequently used as a dipping sauce for seafood and omelets. In Vietnamese cuisine, it's used as a condiment for pho, fried noodles, as a topping for spring rolls, and in sauces. We use it on seafood, meats, eggs, noodles, and to enhance sauces or marinades.