Dan Mancini is a chef with an unwavering passion for researching and developing unique flavors. Throughout his career, he has been an advocate for crafting delicious foods using quality, locally-sourced ingredients—an enduring hallmark of his culinary philosophy.

Having a deep-rooted belief in growing one's own food, Dan made the move to the Pacific Northwest 18 years ago, drawn by the region's vibrant local and sustainable food community. However, during the challenges posed by the pandemic, he faced an unexpected hurdle when he couldn't find sriracha at his local grocery store.

Undeterred, Dan took matters into his own hands, embarking on a journey to create the perfect sriracha sauce for his family and friends. Drawing inspiration from traditional Thai-style sriracha, his recipes masterfully capture the delicate balance between heat, sweetness, and vinegar—emphasizing the tang that defines this beloved condiment.

The result? A homemade sriracha that quickly became a sensation among those fortunate enough to taste it. Now, inspired by the success within his inner circle, Dan is excited to share his exceptional sriracha sauce with a wider audience. Get ready to experience the culmination of his culinary expertise and dedication to quality—the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in every bottle.


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